About Time of flight diffraction services


Time of flight diffraction (TOFD) Component of Superior NDT Employed in weld inspection companies. That's why, Time of flight diffraction (TOFD) is the most trusted NDT strategies in welds specifically for in-support and pre services inspection.

Fantastic factor of your time of flight diffraction which includes:

Perform screening during your generation line devoid of shutdown needed.

Keep Secure and nutritious out of your team as no radiation.

Info of inspection will be recorded keep in softcopy keep for long lasting reference.

Straight away supply inspection details outcome benefit.

Conserve time with rapid inspection approach

Swiftest approach to detect all variety of weld flaw such as slag, deficiency, crack and lack of fusion.

Substantial accuracy in detect sizing of defects.


Time of flight diffraction referred to as (TOFD) products and services and used by several industries. Particularly are Utilized in rapid weld screening and inspection. Although this TOFD scanning such as axial weld seam, circumferential plus much more.

In the seventies, TOFD products and services are improved resulting from the stability of end result employed by all sector.The usually benefit of this TOFD can easily produce more info knowledge on the place and Test the result.

Also reward with superior accuracy which can accurate decide the sizing of defects. Concurrently TOFD is one of the swift and exact technique to detect all any kind of weld flaw together with lack , crack ,slag and deficiency of fusion.

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